Block Frozen
Head On, White Shrimp

DelicaSea Uncooked, Head-on, Shell-on White Shrimp are processed from farmed raised shrimp that have been grown in pristine waters under carefully monitored and environmentally sustainable conditions. They have been harvested and quickly processed to ensure premium quality and freshness.

DelicaSea Uncooked, Head-on, Shell-on White Shrimp are carefully handled and processed immediately after harvesting. The product is quickly sorted, graded and packed into a 4-pound DelicaSea box containing a layer of poly wrap for added protection. A small amount of water is added to the product to freeze it into a "semi"-IQF form. This light glaze gives the product a protective barrier and also allows it to be quickly thawed. Once thawed, the shrimp can be used in a variety of soups or entrees such as paella, skewered and grilled shrimp, and peel and eat shrimp. More and more chefs are choosing to serve head-on shrimp because of their exotic appearance and succulent taste.

Product Features

Farm raised
Raw, head on, shell on
Semi IQF, block frozen
No fat
Uniform sizing

Detailed Product Sheets (download pdf)

Head-On, Shell-On, White